Saturday, November 22, 2008

Squeaking in under the wire, another big kid safe haven dump

Well, clearly gas prices are down again.

Must have been one hell of a road trip.

Safe haven case No. 36 beats deadline

One last child came in under Nebraska's unique safe haven law before the law changed Saturday.

A 14-year old California boy was left late Friday afternoon at the Kimball County Hospital in Kimball by his mother, who had driven to Nebraska.

Kimball County is in the southwestern corner of the Panhandle.

The boy was placed in a foster home while Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services staff collect more information about the family and contact appropriate agencies in California, according to an HHS news release Saturday morning.

Last Minute Safe Haven Case Makes 27

A 14-year old boy from Yolo County, California, was left at the Kimball County Hospital, in Kimball, late Friday afternoon by his mother, who drove to Nebraska.

Todd Landry, director of the Division of Children and Family Services for the Department of Health and Human Services, said there was only one use of Nebraska’s safe haven law on November 21, the last day on which the safe haven law applied to children up to age 18.

The boy is currently in a foster home. DHHS is in the process of gathering additional information, including contacting the appropriate agencies in California.

This brings the total number of uses of LB 157 to 27, and the total number of children left at a hospital to 36 since September 13. LB 157 went into effect on July 18.

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Lauren Sabina Kneisly said...

Nebraska DHHS has added a press release about the the boy from California.