Saturday, November 22, 2008

As I said, even our unofficial statistics are low

Today's Omaha World-Herald carried this important story, Troubled families in limbo after law change.

Burried deep down in it is this revelation:
After getting help from Immanuel staff, seven parents and guardians who wanted to use the safe haven law ended up taking their children home, spokeswoman Kelly Grinnell said.
Which means that counting just these seven attempts from Immanuel Medical Center alone, the numbers go up.

Looking over Marley and my unofficial statistics, we caught several "attempted" dumps at Immanuel through media reports.

I do not know if the seven overlap with, or are in addition to the ones we found:

25.- 26. October 21 2008
female 16 (with baby)
Dumper: self, escorted by aunt
Place Omaha Immanuel MC
NOTE: mother attempted to SH herself and her baby


37. November 3, 2008
Unknown, 18
Dumper: unk
Place: Omaha Immanuel MC
NOTE: Attempted

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